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Reference person
Marcel Fischer
+49 (0) 22 71 - 47 77-52
Product number: 3470
Material: Neoprene, Latex
PPE category: Cat. III
Norm: EN 388:2003
Norm: EN 374-3:2003 AKL
Product number: F099
Material: Polyamide, Elastane
Norm: EN 388:2003
Coating: Nitrile (sanded)
Graduation: 15 Gauge
Product number: 3685
Material: Polyamide, Cotton, Vinyl
PPE category: Cat. II
Norm: EN 388:2016 2.1.4.X.X
Graduation: 13 Gauge
Product number: 3450
Material: Nitrile
PPE category: Cat. III
Norm: EN 388:2003
Norm: EN 374-3:2003 AJK
Product number: 3709
Material: 100 % Polyamide
Norm: EN 388:2003
Coating: Soft-PU (polyurethane)
Graduation: 18 Gauge
Product number: UGW
Lining: Acrylic
Material: Furniture leather
PPE category: Cat. I
Product number: 03400V
Material: 100 % Cotton
Norm: EN 388:2016
Coating: Nitrile (fully coated)
Product number: PH
Material: 100 % Vinyl
PPE category: Cat. I
Product number: LS
Material: Cotton
PPE category: Cat. I
Coating: Latex
Product number: LST
PPE category: Cat. I
Coating: Latex
Product number: ENHU-24
Material: Nitrile
Norm: EN 455-1/2/4:2015
Norm: EN 374-1/2/3
Product number: ENHU35-24
Material: Nitrile
Norm: EN 455-1/2/4
Norm: EN 374-1/2/3


For many jobs we do our hands are of great importance. 27 bones, 36 joints, 39 muscles and several thausands receptors are the key for our hands to be our most important, but also a very sensitive tool.

Because of the multitde of risks in our working environment every third accident at work causes an injury of a hand (DGUV, 2015). Most of the time these are superficial lacerated wounds as well as cut and puncture injuries. Aside from such mechanical threats there are also chemical and thermal risks to keep in mind.

When fine motor skills are needed, you should pay attention that the gloves keep the power effort on the same level to avoid fatigue.

To protect you against these threats, we develop and produce protective gloves for several areas of use. No matter if you need gloves for assembly, for welding, for use with chemicals and many others:

Here you will find the gloves for more safety at your workplace.